Why submit?

Showcasing art that your machine has created in our gallery is a great way to promote yourself and the work that you are doing. Apart from the gained exposure you also helps us with our mission of educating people about what AI really is, and the effects it is likely going to have on the future.

Submitting artwork is completely free and you keep all rights to the work. Here you can find an example of how it can look once published.

How to submit

For submitting art please send a mail to with the following information:

  • Your name
  • The artwork (link, video, images etc.)
  • Title of artwork
  • Explanation of how the art was created (written for someone technologically savvy with a basic understanding of machine learning)
  • Website you would like to promote (optional)
  • Social media account you would like to promote (optional)

Note: If you are submitting art using style transfer, please include the content and style images.

Multiple artworks per submission are encouraged, as long as they use the same underlying machine learning model so that they can be presented together.

What type of submissions are allowed?

We are open to all mediums, be it music, graphics, video or anything else. The parameters we evaluate in all submissions are:

  • How independent the machine was in generating the artwork
  • How impressive the artwork is
  • How well it fits in with the rest of the collection

Even thought the evaluation of these parameters is subjective, we believe that by having a quality control process we can provide more value to those who do get their submissions approved.

Send us your submission and get a place in the gallery now! By sending a submission you are agreeing to the terms.